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Originally Posted by Danbk View Post
Okay, I will ask. Did the screen crap the bed or did you scratch it? Just curious. I know when I was little I would take crap apart for no reason and try to put it back together!! Usually it would work afterwords...never COULD figure out why so many screws leftover though....
I bought a broken-screened one of eBay so that I could put my good screen from my broken USB/Bad Battery original pilot.

I used to take stuff apart when I was little too, most of the time it did make it together, but not always worked haha.

Maybe this is why I got into the IT field

Originally Posted by SaruNinja View Post
It looks like Insignia won't be making any more players, nor releasing firmware updates for their current ones. There probably won't be any more support or replacements for the Pilot, so you might as well just get a new player.

It was nice looking at all the parts of the is awesome
Yep that's the sad part... the thing is there is beta firmware for the Pilot, but I don't think it got past the beta test group

Thing is I don't really need it more then a decent music player to put music on and keep in my car. So for that reason I can't really use touch screens (as much as I want a D2). Plus if I'm getting a touch screen player it better have WIFI in it!

I might just buy a cheap Chinese eBay player
-Insignia Pilot 8GB - Dead , Screen is not easily replaceable at all
-Cowon D2 16GB - The Pilot Replacement
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