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Default Is D2 what I am looking for?

I have been using Sansa Fuze, but I have to have folder navigation. I got tired of ID3 tagging. Classical music, what I am going to use it for, is notorious for incomplete ID3 tags. Someone in the Fuze forum suggested Cowon D2. Is it the least expensive unit meeting the following:

folder navigation
good audio quality - no need for video, audiobook, radio, tv output, etc.
20-40 GB range (with external memory)
flash based
integrated expansion memory


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I don't see what the problem with tagging is. I've been using freedb and cddb to do it for me. Unless I rip a newly released CD myself.

The D2 does indeed me your requirements though.
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Yup.. The D2 seems to cater all ur requirements
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D2 is your baby, as all the things your looking for, it does, and VERY WELL at that.
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Thanks. Just bought one.
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