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Old 12-16-2008, 10:52 AM
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Great post Nicole! You've listed some great feedback/ideas. I like just about everything you've listed except...

Originally Posted by Nicole View Post
FM tuner: dump it and give us a line input instead.
I like the FM tuner. Keep it and give us the line input as well... and FM recording... and video output.

Originally Posted by Nicole View Post
Organizer functions: dump 'em, they're useless
Hey, I actually like this feature.

Originally Posted by Nicole View Post
Firmware: Fix it, please, or just rewrite it from scratch with a better software team. It's unstable when doing large file operations, which will only get worse with more memory.
I have no issue transferring large amounts of data; over 30GB of audio files with no issue.

Originally Posted by Nicole View Post
Earbuds: Save yourself $2 and don't ship them with the crappy pair. Or ship it with a sample screen protector instead and get yourself some recurring accessory sales.
They are now with the Zen X-Fi (EP-830).
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