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Help Questions: Few EQ bands, Sound Quality & TV Out!

Hi, this is my first post here!

I have read a lot about the D2 here and other places, but still have a couple of questions before I buy it.

1. D2 only have a 5 band EQ. I am very particilar when adjusting the sound, and I need to adjust just the right bands to hit "my spot". Like, I have discarded many MP3 players just because some of the bands is placed wrong (mostly bass). In new firmware updates, I see that there is a possibility to adjust the width of the bands. How much, and how does it work? Any upinions?

2. How is the sound character? I don't mean how it can be tweaked, but how the amplifier actually sound. Warm (with soft bass), Neautral (in the middle), Tight (clear bass, but treble can be a little clinical), Harch (treble can be tiresome to listen to) and so on. This my terms... I would like to hear a description.

3. Is the amplifier actually this powerful? I like to play loud, often with extensive bass, on headphones (like Grado SR125). This requires a lot of power reserve (not the same as mW).

4. Have the TV-Out problem been solved? Read many examples of picture not showing up correctly on TV.

5. When TV-Out is used, will correct format be shown (16:9/4:3 movie on a 16:9/4:3 screen)?

Just a comment; Why do people say that buying a 8GB D2 with a 8GB SD card would work the same way as a 16GB D2? Normally, running on a memory card (especially media) uses a lot more batterypower.

Thank you!

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i can answer some of your questions.

1)wrt eq - each of the 5 bands has a user selectable choice of 4 frequencies. and each band has a choice of narrow or wide. lowest option in the lowest band is 80hz, highest option in the highest band is 11Khz.

2) folks say that a 8gb d2 + 8gb sdhc card work the same as a 16gb d2 because the d2 intergrates the files off the sdhc card into its internal database. so its as if you dont see the card and all files are indexed. (you of course can also search for music by folder view - then you will see the d2 external card)

3) the d2 has a a somewhat cold sound signature. (empahisis in the higher mids to treble, but not harsh though)

4) wrt to the bass.. the d2 has bass roll off (look in this forum, much has been discussed), play it over a good set of phones and listen to hq source, you'll notice it. else, not much of a problem. its easily fixed by using a impendance adapter, portable amp or high impendance phones.

the rest ive never tried. so cant answer.

hope this helps.
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