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Thanks for the suggestion, but the Cowon is too big & expensive. Besides, for what it can do above the Fuze I can use my aforementioned smartphone.

Unfortunately, that one has no standard headphone jack, that's why I can't really use it as DAP (it came with a mini USB headset). And though HTC Audio Manager is not that bad at organising a music library (it even can sort by composer *g*), it does not know ogg.

I read some more yesterday, also about how easy the Fuze's front is subject to scratches, so I guess I'll tend towards the Clip now. I have some other big expenses planned, so its lower price also appeals. The (only) reason why I'd like a SD slot is because I have two unused and rather small cards lying around that I'd like to put to use again.

I'll go to a big store next monday and then decide what to do.
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