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Thanks for all the opinions chaps....The earphones - Well lets just say that I didn't want to spend loads of money on those at the get go and whilst I looked at quite a few reviews I appreciate that everyone has there own opinions...I got a good deal on them from Advanced MP3 as part of my bundle so I thought I would give them a go and then maybe go for some top end 'phones in the future...
From listening to the valuable opinions received so far, I think that my best course of action may be to start encoding my CDs into FLAC (If for no other reason than backing them up in a lossless format) and I can store them on my 1Tb external drive...and then have a listen on the D2 and compare and see if I can tell the difference (probably won't be able to) between the Flac and a vbr MP3...Let my ears be the judge so to speak..

I have just downladed EAC and trying to get my head around the interface for that but still need to understand about what strings I have to put in the box to get a decent variable bit rate mp3.
I also downladed dbpoweramp and us that for converting to Flac...I'm still learning but I'll get there in the end...
"dfkt" - You mention about getting an amp for the D2...I did believe that the D2 offered quite a powerful delivery in comparison to other players but I of couse accept your perspective..I would appreciate it if you could provide names / links to the sort of thing you are talking about as I am still pretty new to this...One of the things I found most confusing and difficult was the ear phones choice so I did just go for an easy option with the understanding that I will almost definitely need to upgrade in the future..These are my first "canal" phones aswell...What sorts od 'phones are people primarily using these days..I remember when "sound isolating" meant those big thing with padded parts that totally enclosed your ears..and I guess they would be quite comfortable but would a D2 with / without amp power such headphones...I also appreciate that it is very much "horses for courses" with ear phone / head phone choice in respect to when and where you want to use them...Any tips on good choices there for the future?
Thanks again for all the opinions and tips.
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