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Help Looking for a player that can pause FM radio

I have a very specific feature that I am looking for in an portable audio player. I would like the ability to pause, cache and resume an FM broadcast. As far as other features go, I am not terribly particular. I would like it to have decent FM reception as well as basic MP3/podcast features.

The background for this request is NFL broadcasts. For years I have watched my favorite NFL team (Go Titans!) on TV but listened to the FM radio broadcast so as not to have to put up with the blissfully ignorant broadcasters on TV. I have a Tivo so I was able pause the TV broadcast to get it in sync with the radio broadcast. I made the move to HDTV last year along with a TIVO HD. I immediately ran in an issue where the timing of the radio broadcast is now ahead of the HDTV broadcast, I assume because of the overhead of transmitting/decoding the HDTV signal.

I'm hoping I can find a portable audio device of some sort that could receive, pause and resume a live FM broadcast so I can get the TV broadcast in sync with the FM radio broadcast. I am turning to the experts for help. I just can't bear listening to the uninformed blathering of Soloman Wilcots and Ian Eagle any longer...
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Welcome to ABI I have never heard of that function on an MP3 player. I don't believe that it exsists. You may have to find a player that will record so that you can watch and listen after the game is over (as useless as I know that sounds).
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Welcome to ABI. As for that feature, it sounds more like you need a Sirius radio than an mp3 player. Or, as no9 has suggested, a player that records for later listening. Otherwise, the is no player that has the feature your looking for as I know of.
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Yeah, I haven't heard of a player with a DVR function built in. It's an intriguing idea though, and probably wouldn't be too hard to implement. Although, I'm sure there's next to zero demand for such a feature, so it'll probably never happen...
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Yea theres only some that will record the brodcast like tivo but thats about it that i have hurd about.
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Rescue this old thread to ask if anyone knows some Dap or radio, other than the 5G iPods 7G already own, you can pause the conventional radio emissions.
PS: It would also be interesting any app for Android that will perform this function.
Thank you
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I've asked about this feature over the years, and I only recall people wishing that the feature was around and noting that, instead, they only have seen a straight record function. But I haven't heard anything like this in the past few years.

I agree--would be a nice feature to have.
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I'll have to finish with an ipod
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