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Great thanks. Now I need a proof of concept... I'll probably be taking some survey of what quite a few people want out of a DAP. If any of you wish to join me for getting results (if it's just me asking, then I will get biased responses, and then the best dap, for that area only, would be made), that would be very helpful, and help me see what the common person wants out of a DAP.

Once again, thanks for the starter.
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The picture is clearer now.

The devlopers are maintaing a standerd for rockbox.
Which then can be modified and these modifcation with the support from the mod devloper and the RB team sometimes will make it into a new RB build.

The user is looking for a build of RB which matches their needs.
In this case a simplified menu, which will require the expertise of a RB Mod/Dev or do it themselves or for someone else to undertake the challenge. most ppl on this forum do not have the skill or knowledge to do this kind of thing so it would proberbly be left to someone else to take a project like this on.

So TBOL3 I guess you are the someone else. I am prepared to help as well but my time and skill is very limited. Are you going to make a new thread for this or carry on here?
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It is quite the undertaking. And, as Llorean mentioned, "modding" folk come and go all too quickly; so, it would most likely be difficult maintaining assistance in your endeavor. And, there's the added challenge of keeping things stable/compatible when updating it to a newer build. There is, however, a definite interest in an "easy RB." And I'm glad you didn't get too discouraged with the lack of tact.
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Ya, it's huge. I've looked at the source code, and I must say wow, out of my league. I think at the moment, the best I can make is a new theme, but I still want to make a simplified version, so, I've gotten a few books on programming, but it still might take a while to even get this project off of the ground, so don't hold your breath. I would like to thank you for your help.
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