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Originally Posted by rpvee View Post
I have a Mac OS 9.2 laptop and a Sansa e260R. Whenever I try to put the software CD that came with the Sansa into the laptop's CD drive, the laptop cannot read it. Is there any way to make it do so? I would love to be able to do all of my music buisness on my laptop.

For the last 10 remaining OS 9.x holdouts:

Honestly, I think if you put the player in MSC mode you should be able to copy files to the player. I've not tested that with OS 9.2, but as long as you have an extension enabled for USB mass storage (don't remember what it's called, sorry) and (I think) File Exchange, it should be fine, since the player SHOULD show up as a FAT-formatted USB disk.

If there are any 8.6 holdouts (and if you're holding on to Classic, don't need 9.x's prepress tools, and don't like losing data to buggy harddrive drivers, it's probably what you should be using) I think you'll be looking for PC Exchange instead of File Exchange. I don't know about USB mass-storage support; I think you have to add that on, but it may not work anyway.

If your laptop isn't too terribly old, you could likely run an older version of OS X. I suggest it only because it will get progressively harder to run OS 9 as time goes on, and you'll be further left behind by hardware. Remember, Steve Jobs officiated a FUNERAL for OS 9 back in 2001. 10.2 and 10.3 still pop up on occasion, and 10.3 isn't too terribly resource-intensive compared to both earlier and later versions. Bad luck on 10.6 for a lot of us holdouts, though: 10.5 is the last PPC-compatible release. Intel-only starting with 10.6. So yeah, 10.3 or 10.4 (10.5 won't run Classic mode, if you need an old app.) If you're really adventurous/into pain and don't need your old Classic apps, Debian Linux works fairly well on PPC hardware, but can be a bit tricky (but not much more) compared to x86 Linux. I'm running Debian on a work machine--a Quicksilver G4 working as a fileserver, 1GB RAM, two 320GB drive hooked up to a Sonnet Ultra ATA card, and two 750GB USB 2.0 drives hooked up to a USB 2.0 card, volumes managed using LVM2 and running Netatalk on Reiserfs filesystems (Netatalk eats fs blocks for breakfast, so until ext4 is ready, it's reiser with tailpacking or nothing) and it works pretty darn good for a small workgroup. Before that, it was OS 9 + ASIP, and I was taking the darn thing down about every three days to run DiskWarrior.
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