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I just updated the first of my two Expresses (1GB), after first backing up the device.

The good news is that the update went flawlessly, and, after copying one audiobook to the device -- a book that would not appear under the "Audiobooks" genre under *.05 firmware -- it was listed when I looked for Audiobooks under genre.

The bad news is that I *had* to look for it under "genre" -- because when I looked for "Audiobooks" it still reported finding none.

I guess the Express is not going to behave like the Clip, i.e., audiobooks placed into the Audiobooks directory appearing under the Audiobooks menu (and I suspect that the Express will also lack the Clip's nice bookmarking and other Audiobook handling).

I presume that for "official" audiobooks (i.e., stuff purchased from Audible, with DRM), things would be different. Oh, well, I've still got my Clips. Still, would have been nice to be able to have *decent* audiobook handling on the Expresses -- they're nice little machines, and the SD card capability would have been ideal for managing large audiobook collections (and is loaded with public domain audiobooks, radio shows, and so forth).

C'mon, Sansa... put one last gasp into this orphan product, eh? ONE last update, to bring it in line with the Clip's capability.
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