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Another update:

The good news is that after I got rid of the OGG file, and copied the MP3 version of the same file onto the Express (all operations done in drag/drop move via Windows Explorer in Win2K -- using "sync" mode is not possible with this OS), there was NOT a repeat of the long "Refresh Database Do Not Remove SD" screen. The message did appear, and, it lasted longer than it does when rebooting *without* having changed anything, but not even *nearly* as long as it did the first time. I'll guess maybe 20 seconds or so. And, afterwards, the reboots were just as fast as before I'd updated that file -- so, it looks like it *does* do an incremental update rather than a full re-index.

The *bad* news, though, is that it seems that random items are NOT having their tags recognized. I can't see any rhyme or reason to why *some* things do NOT show up in the "genre" listing. I *know* it's NOT a tagging issue -- I used the SAME tagging as I did for the ones that *do* show up -- and, they show up fine in my Clip when copied there.

I am *hoping*that this is one of the things that are resolved by the latest firmware. (The files did copy properly, and, if I do navigate to them -- via "the long road" rather than going directly to them via genre, or (I *think*) Album (very tired at the moment and don't recall which categories other than "genre" were acting up) -- they played fine.)

At least my Express is usable now. Prior to this, I not only couldn't access *anything* on the SD card, but, various items, if copied to the player itself, would not behave. The player was kinda flakey and shakey -- i.e., I'd play an audiobook file, and then, when I'd stop it, the player would spontaneously shut down. The quirks were random and not repeatable -- it wasn't something related to any particular file, but it *was* something that happened often enough to make me leave the player on the desk rather than in my pocket.

One way or another I will have to get that *.12 firmware installed, and hopefully it will take care of these relatively minor quirks (i.e., stuff missing from certain indices), as well as provide more usable audiobook functionality (in line with the way the Clip's latest FW handles them -- namely, *as* audiobooks, rather than as "songs" with "audibooks" genre tag).

One (hopefully) last observation on this beast -- I noticed that it will *sometimes* lose its settings (brightness, screen-on timer, shutoff timer, custom equalizer settings) when I turn it off. I haven't done any "regression testing" to see if there's a repeatable sequence of events that triggers the "forget-mode" -- and, I'm hoping it's addressed in the latest firmware. Also, I noticed that even when I restore the screen level to "full" brightness, it's fairly dim when compared side-by-side with my Clip.

It *seems* like they're both using the same display module (seems same size, and at the very least, they're both the same *type* display -- OLED), and I think I recall having read a while back that the latest firmware on the *Clip* resolved a similar issue on that platform that only manifested itself on the 4GB Clip.

Does anyone know if the latest Express FW allows the display brightness to be cranked up any higher than I'm getting with the *.05 firmware? (Same question for the issue with random stuff never making it to the indexes.) Thanks in advance!
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