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hahah cheers, although i kinda already figured he was taking the piss with the WMP thing

i have to say it is a damn shame that iRiver dont fix this up... this is the only issue i have the clix, but at least i know that it's 'not just me' and that my unit wont actually break... still, doesn't stop me from worrying nontheless...
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Default Firmware fix needed for the Clix!

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clix AC charging works on firmware 1.10

I went to the best buy to return my clix (static vertical line on display) and noticed the clix on display was charging through a wall charger via a USB converter (looked like the apple ipod one) w/ the "USB connected" on screen. It had the little lightning bolt, just as if you plugged it into your computer and changed to full bars yellow when done. I tried plugging mine into the same cable but no dice, same problem of no lightning bolt etc. Turns out the display clix had the old firmware version 1.10USA not the 1.11 updated version. Otherwise it was exactly the same, as far as I could tell.
Does anyone know how to get the old firmware?
We should also be writing to iriver an tell them to fix the damn thing in a firmware update since it obviously worked in previous versions. With enough consumer pressure, it will hopefully work.

Maybe we can send all of our grievances to a central place (ie new thread or private message reply to me) and forward it to iriver

Iíve heard you can buy the FM/charger then buy a car charger/AC adapter but for dropping $200, should we really have to bend over backwards to do what all other MP3 players do from the box let alone spend another $65 + $15 for the converter? Horsecrap.
This proves that it is a firmware issue. I wish I had found this post earlier.
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Originally Posted by rushie
hey guys, firstly i'd just like to say how much of a help you guys were (and the site in general was) when i was contemplating getting some form of MP3 player... so thanks, you made it easy for my to justify the clix choice to myself

i bought a random wall USB charger to try out on my clix and bizzare things happened. if i plugged my clix into it when it was on (and still had battery life) the charging icon (lightening blot and bars) would move superfast so i got scared and unplugged it. then when i plugged it back into my computer it was would not recognise the clix and say that device had malfunctioned. i got around this by resetting the clix and then everything was normal. when i got back the courage to try the wall charger again (when the clix was completely (battery) dead), it appeared to charge propperly (as shown in EnzoTen's pic). but once again when i plugged it into my computer, it would not recognise the device and said it had malfunctioned.

do anyone else have this problem when they recharge using their wall chagers? if i keep using the wall charger and resetting the device, will it screw up the clix in the long run?

I recently purchased my clix and a AC adapter from Ebay and plugged it in. The lightning bolt flashed very fast and yet no problems with my computer "seeing" the clix after using the adapter. The Ebay ad says won't over charged and is specific to the clix. Seems to work fine but if not i have an extended warranty from Best Buy that should cover battery issues.

Any thoughts on this product?
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Angry FINALLY reached iRiver clix support!!

They told me the battery charging issue was due to a bad unit. That I should just return it and buy another one. I can't remember the last time I've had such horrible technical support.

But, they did tell me I don't need to buy an ACC adaptor to charge it, that it should charge up plugged into the USB port on the computer.

This is really frustrating though!!
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^^^ Won't it be easier for you to post here (or any iriver fans site) first? As for the charging issue, it is listed on the manual that you can charge via a PC USB port.

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Soooo, here I am in 2008 with a first version 2GB clix trying to make sense of this. There are a number of wallplug rechargers with usb connections to plug the usb from the clix into at the correct ratings people have listed here. Can anyone confirm these work?
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the LG travel adapter as per the attachment photos definitely works ..... great!!

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