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Ok so i got it, it was very simple, i just moved the playlist file(.m3u) to the sansa and left everything with the same order and for my luck it worked o_o, so weird bcuz i thought it would change since the original path is D:/MUSIC/'4 folders of music'. Guess it have nothing to do.

So far im totally in love with it, its a refurb but is working like a charm, the only little thing i cant figure out why is happening is that Rockbox wont show one of my folders, the one it wont show is "MUSIC" (where i have 4 more folders). It's so weird because the playlist work, and the database works fine too with all the tags and everything, but i cannot go to the folder "MUSIC" throught the menu FILES because the folder wont show up in rockbox, but it will when i plug my e250 to the pc, any solution?
EDIT: JUST IN CASE I SET THE SANSA ALREADY TO SEE "ALL FILES"(I actually like keeping it like this), still wont show up, thats the only thing that my sansa isnt showing and that i can actually see throught MSC.
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