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Default Bose Triportie (anyone try?) and Senn CX300

I'm looking into some new headphones for my Vision M. Narrowed it down to the CX300 and Bose Triportie. I have not read many reviews on the Bose unit. Has anyone had experience with them? Looking to buy them tomorrow and may pick up both pairs and return the one that I least like. Give me your feedback. Thanks.
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About BOSE in general, read this: (scroll down a little).

In short, don't buy BOSE products. Extremely overpriced, underwhelming and false advertising.

The CX-300 are very fine IEMs for the price, they're highly recommended.
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Remember that BOSE is a 4 letter word.
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As much as I don't like BOSE the IE's do seem to be getting a semi-postive reaction over at head-fi, so I wouldn't count them out just yet.
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I found them unimpressive, sound-wise, and really quite uncomfortable. The isolation is ho-hum, too.

There are plenty of great IEMs available at less than $100, and my picks would be the $101 V-Moda Vibe, the $90 Sony EX90 (for comfort and fit), and the $88 Panasonic HJE70. The CX300 is a nice phone, but not in quite the same league.
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I bought both the cx300 and Bose Triportie models. I find the Senn's to be much better. The Bose have to be played at a louder volume and seem to need more amplification than the Senn's. Sounds is better with the Senn's although this may be due to better isolation. Bose does have a good bass range and do fit comfortably with the provided range of ear plugs but the Senn's are just as comfortable.

I plan to return the Bose unit and will soon compare the CX300s against the v-Moda Vibe's I just ordered today. I'm not sure if these two are in the same league but it will either be the Senn's or the v-Moda's which I keep.
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