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Default A few questions and did simple-aa recently break?

One of the daily builds in the past 2 days (10/24/08) broke one of my most used .wps screens - the "simple-aa" which I believe I downloaded from here. Of all of the large album art themes, its the one I've used most.

On a related topic - I like the Freestate theme very much, but without the scaling patch to resize the album cover its usefulness is diminished. Can someone give me clear instructions for installing the patch using OS X? I believe I identified the patch, but the installation instructions on leave me with more questions than answers.

One more question - I've had a problem recently where the database gets corrupted with duplicate (sometimes 3 or 4) copies of every track on certain albums. It has forced me to initialize the database and therefore lose all of the runtime data that the player collects (favorites, playcount, etc). What is causing the duplicates, and how can I prevent it? I have a suspicion that it might be caused by one of the following reasons:
1) I've been updating to the current build frequently (usually 1x daily). I haven't checked after each install whether the database settings have remained as they were before - will they change after each install? I usually leave the database to AutoUpdate, Collect Runtime Data, Load To Ram and under System settings I enable the disc's directory cache.
2) related to #1 - when I change themes will THAT sometimes change those settings??
I've already had this problem (duplicate tracks) happen about 4 or 5 times in the past 2 weeks and its getting very annoying.
I'm wondering whether I should just forego the runtime data, but doing so loses SO much of the functionality of the player - even more limited firmware can track favorites and playcounts reliably without corrupting the database.

Edit: I've identified which was the last daily build that works with simple-aa, it was 18858, and the next daily build 18864 contains something which broke it. My suspect is 18863 which contained this description in the changelog:

2008-10-22 23:35r18863: Don't accept 0 for the width or height of a progress bar in the %pb tag. A zero width causes a divide by zero, and a zero height simply doesn't make any sense, so we assume it was a mistake.

Also - here's the resize patch I believe will work with .wps files that have different size images. If I'm right, then all I need is instructions for adding it to a recent build (preferably before 18864!). It is identified on the wiki as FS#9458

Last edited by KCrimson; 10-24-2008 at 03:58 PM. Reason: Identifying which update broke simple-aa & which patch# for resizing album art
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