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Default Samsung P2 broken what to do?

Physical volume buttons acting strange

Volume up: When click it up it goes down again and then mute
Volume down: dont work at all

When turning P2 on:
volume goes down all the way and mute it comes from the physical buttons

I can however make the volume work by touching the Screen
Problem is as i said sometimes when i turn P2 on the physical button act weird and put the volume down without i even touch them

After i touch the screen volume bar a bit i can make it work
and i can Upper/lower the volume from the virtual volumebar
but as soon i touch the physical button volume goes all down again and mute.

Problem turning P2 on:
when physical volume buttons start acting strange
it is dificult to turn off P2 sometimes i have to keep pressing virtual volumebar and turnOFF to make p2 finaly go off

RESET button didnt fix it
What to do?

Do i realy have to send it in for repair
this DAP which i took very good care of then have lasten only 10 months
is the lowest time a DAP player have last for me
before broking down for no reason

I have firmware 5.05 and music on it
can i leave it like that when sending it under warranty
im in europe
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Have u called Samsung?

Haven't heard of this issue in any P2 forum. Sounds like it's pooched and you should call Samsung and see if they'll ship u a replacement - they've done this twice for me re: deadphone jack - or if u have to send in the defective one first.

I would take off everything and back it up before shipping it in for repair as they may send you a replacement and not the repaired item. Doubt they'll go to the trouble of loading your stuff onto a new player.
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this might be a wild shot, but have you tried using a lower (or higher) firmware? because 5.05 is very unstable..not sure if it affects physical buttons, but if you search the forum you will see all the problems people had with 5.05...

but most likely, a connection inside is screwy...send it to get repaired or traded is your best option
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I have not tryed update the firmware
5.05 have worked fine so far and used it some times now
so i doubt that is the case, but you never know
Should i try update it to 5.08?
or something else i should test before doing that?

As of calling Samsung I did
Asked to be transfered to Suport
Samsung say : Suport not avaible

This was on friday Samsung spain said a Technical staff
call me back the same day or at max next day before 15:00

Did Samsung Call me, NO
But now Next day was Saturday so maybe thats why
maybe they call me on Monday

Samsung said that there was no Suport in my area
so they had to pick it up by ups/fedex etc...
and then make a technican look at it and send it back same way

If the warranty for some reason did not cover
i had to pay for UPS/FEDEX

So i have to pay if Samsung think that I am responsabile for the buttons-failure if they somehow belif the warranty is void

and then they also charge me both ways UPS/FEDEX
Even if is their utter problem they dont have Technical service in my area
Just great...............

Now i just hope that Samsung warranty can cover this
as i have taken well care of my dap
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Updating the Firmware DID NOT WORK

Problem observed so far:

1. When turning on the P2 volume bar show up
as you know p2 startup with volume halfway up
well it goes down and then mute
To make it work i have to click 100 of time the + button
i make it stable then upper/lower the volume from the screen

2. As soon i touch the physical - button = nothings happen
As soon i touch the physical + button = volume goes up to as much i click it then Goes down by itself and MUTE

To fix it do same as in 1.

3. If the physical buttons is interfering and the volume bar is up on the screen i have sometimes problem shutting it of

4. Sometimes if the problem is not there clicking the TURN OFF button
wont work then suddenly the Volume bar comes up
same thing happen again volume go down and mute

To fix it do same as in 1.

Problem happen when any of the physical button is clicked
The + volume button or the OFF button
Problem dont happen when clicking the - Button which seam dead

Can the - Button be interfering with all other buttons somehow?

Ok now i have the firmware 5.10 installed
and bunch of songs and themes

can i just deliver it like this to Samsung if i have to do
i dont find any other solution to fix this unless you have one

And NO i will not open P2 that void my warranty
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Sending it back to Samsung is the only practical solution.
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OK in 2 days Samsung will pick it up they said
I will remove most of the songs i leave some songs so they can test the volume button

I will leave the firmware 5.10 and themes on it so they samsung staff can play with if they wish
I asked samsung about it they said i dont have to downgrade
and it was my choose if i wanted to remove the music
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My Dear Samsung P2 was picked up by courier service today and is now on its way to Samsung

Funny is on the document reciept i got the content description said they had picked up an "Air condition" When i asked courier service about this
they said they had been told to pick up an package with an air condition.

Except of that all was okey my adress and name etc..

Do that means My Dear P2 can be remplaced by a samsung Air condition
because is winter now i prefer having a P2 than a Samsung air condition
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