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Originally Posted by johnrambo247 View Post
I have one and I'm not impressed at all. The one thing about this player that really bothered me was the navigation function of this player. Say if you wanted to play a song that started with 'S' then you'd HAVE to continually lift your finger up, press down, lift your finger up, press down, lift your finger up, press down and so on so forth until you reached 'S'. It seriously takes so long if you have quite a bit of music. So yeah, I'm gonna go back down to the store, return it and buy the P2 which I hear is awesome and roughly the same price as the S3.
Have you noticed that you can just let your finger down and it will act like a "PageDown" instead of line by line?

And in my country, the 8gigs version is sold at 110$ and the P2 still at 200$

The worse thing I noticed is that there is sometime little glitch in song... I don't know if it's my player or a issue in the firmware, but the mp3 are OK on my computer.
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