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Default P2 does not pair (bluetooth) with anything.

Hi guys, I'm moderately new to this forum -- love the stuff that you guys do -- and I had a question.

I have a Samsung with firmware KR 5.08 and it's in UMS mode.
In bluetooth mode, I can NEVER, and I mean NEVER find ANY bluetooth devices.
I've done everything, I've fiddled with every option in the bluetooth menu to no avail. And I know it wasn't just me, I had a friend with a T10 that was able to find 5 different devices around the area with minimal trouble. Now I'm trying to detect my Motorola S805 Headphones (A2DP Supported) and it cannot find it.

Help would be appreciated.

(If it helps, I've also reformatted the P2 a couple of times)
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Sounds like you either weren't in discoverable mode or your BT module is defective. Can other devices see your P2? Try detecting it with a BT phone or computer and see if they can find the P2.
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Have you tried the bluetooth troubleshooting guide:

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Troubleshoot this
-make yourself discoverable in the "BlueTooth" category from the menu and turn it on using "Bluetooth Mode"...Go to "Bluetooth Settings" and select "Discover Option"...Click "Discoverable" then try again.

-Read the instruction manual for the bluetooth phone, headset, or headphones/speakers or the P2 and look up "Pairing"

Good Luck..I was able to take calls from my cell amazed me =)
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