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Old 10-11-2008, 06:45 PM
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Stay away from the SE530 if you don't want to use an amp. They hiss with any player, and their treble leaves a lot to be desired. They're the pickiest IEMs to pair with an amp/source I've ever had. Their midrange and precision is awesome, though.

q-Jays have awesome treble and decent mids, not quite enough bass, and a not so great soundstage. Soundstage can be fixed with Comply P-Version foamies, bass can be fixed with M3B/EQ to a certain extent.

The Super/Triple.Fi housing is terrible, the worst IEM housing ever conceived. The designers must never have seen a human ear in their life. Can't get more uncomfortable than that. Other than that, I guess the T.F sound good. I don't think my S.F sound overly good, but the T.F take it a step further in the UE10 direction.

The Sleek I haven't heard, but simple laws of physics tell me that a single armature cannot perform all that hype that surrounds them - no matter if you use "--" or "++++" for bass or treble. "Overpriced" comes to mind, considering the price/parts ratio.

The Atrio bass is excellent, their mids and soundstage too... their treble, clarity, and precision lacks in comparison with the armature stuff. They're probably the least fatiguing of the bunch.

Maybe Livewires or FreqShow would be another option?
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good, iem, m5, qjay, sa6, shure

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