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Old 10-08-2008, 07:34 PM
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Originally Posted by d_headshot View Post
When I played the file on the computer, I didn't notice any differences. Now if I transfer that file to a DAP that supports flac, will I notice a difference with a good pair of headphones?
Depends what you're comparing to, but good VBR MP3 is rarely noticeably different then flac.

Originally Posted by d_headshot View Post
EAC reads the file as 14.05 MB before compression and the mp3 version of the file is about 13.6 MB at cbr(yes I know about the silliness of cbr but this is for testing) and the flac file is about 44.4 MB. Because the file is so big I'm assuming that all flac versions of a track are big like that(hence the name "lossless").
You did something wrong. CBR MP3 cannot be encoded at over 1000kbps. The highest allowed is 320kbps for ordinary MP3. Likewise, FLAC will not be larger then the source WAV.
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