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I cannot check the Zune site from work to see the "battery boost" info, but even if they have upgraded it from the Zune 80, it's usually not a good indicator. As EnzoTen has pointed out (often), the stated battery times are predicated on such a narrow set of use parameters, they're usually fairly off from the real world. Case in point, all of the MP3s on my Zune 120 (excepting those procurred from Zune Marketplace) are encoded at 320 kbps. I find I'm charging my 120 more often than the old Zune 80's "rated" 30 hours of audio.

I will say that I've found the 120's battery life to be sufficent though. As long as I perform a true shutdown overnight, I usually manage at least two days of moderate listening (5-7 hours) per charge, even with the higher bitrate.
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