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Default Linux users: Sync your .m3u files

Hi everyone... here is a small script (/bin/bash) made for synchronize your .m3u files created by known media players (I just proved it for Banshee 1.2) to your UMS-P2 (you can change device and folder destination). At the end, you will have your song path same as in your machine, without the /path/before/your/Music/folder preffix which is replace by /your_device/Music_folder.

Save next code in a executable file (e.g. syncMP3) into a bin folder.


while read line; do
        path=${song#*/music_folder/}    # replace music_folder/  by your Music Folder (e.g. /home/foo/MUSIC -- use MUSIC/ instead) 

        if [[ ${song:0:1} != "#" ]]; then
                if [ -d $device/$folder ]; then
                        echo -e $song
                        mkdir -p "$device/$folder/$path"
                        cp -r "$song" "$device/$folder/$path/"
                        echo "El directorio destino NO EXISTE"
                        echo "Por favor checa el directorio destino"
done < $1
echo "Archivos copiados con éxito"
Use it as
syncMP3 yourplaylist.m3u
Make sure to specify your mountpoint and folder destination inside the script, device and folder variables, respectively.

I suggest at first try with a TMP folder made by yourself, don't forget to change folder (destination) variable.

Any debug or suggestion are welcome. Thank you for this forum.

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