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Default It's not charging!

Well, from the computer it is. But from my AC charger, it's not. I have a wall adapter for USB devices. I have 2 MP3s. I used my MPIO and charged it via the wall outlet, and that worked well. Charged fully within a couple of hours. MY brother used his iPod and charged it. Worked fine. My P2, uh, didn't work well. I charged it while it had one bar left. It said it was charging. I didn't turn it on to play music or anything. Came back around 5 hours later (on my computer, 5 hours is enough to fully charge my P2), but the bar was still at 1. Anything I'm doing wrong?
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Another problem? Did you try the reset button? What is current rating in the charger?
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try the reset button and the wall charger for some reason doesnt work anymore i think it was all those updates or soemthing
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If it's charging from the computer and not from the wall charger, have you tried another charger? If it was the P2, I would think it would not charge at all.
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I tried with another charger as well. It doesn't seem to be working there either. I'm worried because I'm part of a choir and when we do tours, I don't bring my laptop. Being on the bus for 9 hours for 7 days everyday without P2 charging is going to be a pain in the arse.
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