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Default anyone know how to take the T8 apart?

anyone know how to take the T8 apart?
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Don't know how to, but may i ask why do you want to take it apart?
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This is very hard but here is how you do it:
2. Squeeze the black part of the case and try to pry off the silver peices along the edges.
Now you only have the black part. The buttons have some little black caps on them. Make sure to keep track of them. Also note the poisition of the antennae.
3. Slip a finger nail in the seem of front and back.
4. You now have the motherboard. Try not to turn it on. If you do put it down and carefully turn it off.
5. Little black clips from the back can be seen toward the bottom of the motherboard. Simply take a fingernail and push one away while lifting with the other.
6. Pull it out of the top because the connectors do stick through.
7. Try not to get any finger grease on the inside of the case because as you see this is not a fun thing to do.

If you need to see pictures, ask for my email.
Hope this helps.


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This is great, but I'm kind of afraid to do that with my player.
I just want to know what kind of processor does the yp-t8 use (Ex if it's using the portal player processor "PP5024" like which used in sansa e200 or something else).
I really hope that one day Somebody could port Rockbox Firmware into these samsung players, and we could play (doom) with this player and many other games (and other functions) as I used to play it with my old sansa e250 before it got broke. I really think the yp-t8 is a lot better than the sansa E200 because
it's faster and capable to play compressed Xvid videos.
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I'm having a tough time prying open the silver parts. Any tips? I already messed them up with tools, though looks isn't what I'm going for.
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