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Default Gigabeat S30 USB Problem

I disassembled my S30 to replace the battery, and all seemed well afterwards, until I went to add some more music. For some reason the mini-usb connection is not working, however, the master power on/off switch (little one on the bottom) works just fine and the power plug works fine, so I know the daughter card is at least communicating with the device. Anyone have any suggestions (could this be software related)? If anyone knows of a USB adapter that plugs into the wide docking port next to the USB port, maybe that still works, or perhaps anyone with a bricked unit that wants to sell me that part?

Could it be possible that the USB detection is software related and a "device reset" could fix it? I have about 25GB of music on it currently, so losing all of that and still having a broken USB connection would be even worse.

Thanks in advance!
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I read somewhere in a review article or something that the 'wide port' beside the USB has no function. I am also having mini USB problems. The unit will charge through the USB but not communicate otherwise. Have tried several computers and several different USB cords. It plays fine but I only have about 2/3 of what I want on there loaded and no playlists set up. I'm in the process of disassembling it to see if that has any effect. I'll let you know if I'm successful.
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If you pull it apart, check the connections on the HHD. Maybe that'll do it, sometimes these connections come loose, that's mostly how the "Error 5" starts.

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I have converted an f seies docking port to work on the s series. It is the same connection just a little diffrent position. I used a dermmel and cut the sides off. The charger port did not work or the usb port but it works on the docking station.
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