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Originally Posted by sassafras View Post
Yes, you should be able to throw the firmware on. I doubt you will get any videos or games back, you should go to the downloads thread and redownload them there.

Also, your player will read .ogg files, you just have to select them manually from the music browser, not the main music screen. It is a selection at the bottom of the bottom of the music screen, or you can use the file browser to select the song manually. They play, they just do not appear in the library.
Thanks for your fast response!!!! ok, so samsung P2 can read .ogg files, but I cannot have artist name, or album art and nothing (id3tag) that right??
I have one more firmware version is US (MTP) 5.10, how can I create playlists on my pc and transfer them to the P2? and what about the mydnse from emodio?? I select one dnse from the emodio webpage (throw emodio software), and I transfer it to my P2, but when I try to select it (on the P2) I just you have any ideas why? (sorry about my english one more time...)
Thanks in advance!!! Sebas.
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