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Default Individual Song Art Not Displaying

I couldn't find a topic for this specific problem so here goes.. I download an audio magazine podcast and each article has an imbedded photo to match the subject. When transferring to the P2, all the tracks within one magazine issue show only the magazine cover when played, which is the art imbedded in the table of contents file. Anyone know of a way to get the P2 to show the correct art for the indicvidual track?
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The P2 only supports displaying album art when the song is played, or when browsing for the album itself. Unfortunately, there is no way that I know of to view the embedded art for each track unless that track is the one currently playing.
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Default Re:

That's actually what is not happening. lets say for example that the tracks have the following pictures embedded on them:
1. Cover
2. Dog
3. Cat
4. Mouse
5. Fish

When track 2 plays, it will still show the cover, not the dog. Likewise with the other subsequent tracks.

I figured that since the p2 requires art be embedded instead of a folder.jpg, that it would actually display each piece of art for each track, not take the art of track 1 and display it regardless, which is why I wonder if there is something I am missing.
Its not the end of the world or anything obviously, and 99% of the time all tracks in an album will have the same picture, but its just annoying to me that I'm not seeing the art the publisher meant for me to see on my pmp screen.
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