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Default Help with some slight technical issues

I just got this player, and it's the best player I've ever used. The sound quality is the best I've ever heard. But I am having some issues with it. I used windows media player to sync my music on to it, and I don't know if that is the problem but 1/3 of the music I have doesn't have album art on it. Also a lot of the album art pictures are showing up in my videos section, but when I open it up in wmp they don't show up.

Also, where do I get games for this, and are they free? I also heard there was a dictionary, is this true?
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well, the album art, im not really sure; could either be a bug or a problem in the software/programming. and windows meida player isn't the best thing for samsun yp p2. u should just use either the program that came with the mp3 or mediamonkey or other similiar things. oh, and the games and dictionary, u gotta change your firmware to korea region which i did successfully
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Ok, I might just check the tag editor, how do I edit the album art?

And how do I get the korean firmware?

Also, how do I fully shut it off? It seems that when I hold down the side button it just goes into sleep mode.

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For changing Firmware region please read the following link.

For edit of Album art please read the following link.
I hope you will understand very easily. If you want further information, you can content me through mail.
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