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Thank a lot
I have some question about this port.
-Can I play music with it (it sound silly but this port is incomplete so it may not able to play music) ?
-Can I reinstall the original firmware after I install this ?
-Can I recharge using this firmware or I have to swap back to the original Firmware?

Edit: I have some problem.After I download nk.bin and sendfirm from the instruction page I tried to send it to my player by exceuting sendfirm nk.bin but nothing happended only a commandline saying that"firmware send successfully" . I then shutdown the player and turn on again this time I jump to the recovery menu I say me to Restore to Portable Media Center.I tried to send the firmware to it again and only a partion with 1 Gb appear. It nothing like to description in the instruction page.What should I do
Edit 2: Strangely after I remove USB cable the device restart and enter rockbox but I only appear a 150Mb Partition. How can I make other partition appear to copy Rockbox to it ??
Ecit 3: I can make Rockbox boot. Now how can I apply the patch for rockbox.Thx

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