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Originally Posted by Julian W View Post
Sorry but i'm going to have to correct you -
1. I have the Z5 - never seen the Z5F around in the UK
The T10 4gb is around here, you can see it at Currys
Haven't seen the P2 16gb anywhere. I sent an email to Samsung and they said they've got no details for the 16gb release in the UK.
Sorry but I'm going to have to correct you. First, the last time I checked, the UK does not equal the EU. Secondly, I found the 8GB T9B in Italy and Germany and not the UK. So just because I said EU doesn't mean everybody in the EU. Besides, has a support page for the Z5F.

Read the post again...better yet, I'll post it again since you abviously missed it.

"Apparently they don't offer the top models in the US."

I'll make it more plain for you; The 4GB T10 is not the top model. The 8GB model is the highest capacity model available. Clear? Furthermore, you weren't observant to discover does carry the 16GB P2. Last time I checked, a website was the UK. That's where they think they operate from so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt that they know where they are located.

Advanced MP3 Players
No.2 The Old Engine House,
Eskmills Business Park,
Station Road,Musselburgh,
EH21 7PQ,

Scotland is in the UK on my map too. The listing for the 16GB P2 is below:

Thanks for the correction!

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