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Default Hex Studios 1.05

Hex Studios v1.05 Theme
by Morden

White, grey, yellow, and black theme.

My first theme.

Image Pack (Zipped)

Firmware (not Zipped, over 5 MB, US version only)

  • The menu works best with textless menu, the firmware included should be textless, but with the image pack you will have to edit yourself.
  • Being that the background is black some menu items will be hard to read until you select them, and the Settings > Info screen the text is unreadable.
  • I did not put the fonts on the image pack because I was having trouble if I edited them, in the firmware so as long as you don't edit the fonts you should be fine.
  • The black on the Locked box is transparent when viewed on the player.
  • When Recording Voice or FM the buttons (Pause & Record) can be hard to see, and It's a dark theme overall so in the sunlight it can be hard to see (When you highlight whatever you are looking at it shows up very well though).
  • Jpg doesn't do justice to the theme.

  • If I should post a zipped firmware then let me know.

Thank you and Enjoy
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Very nice!
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That's cool.
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