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Default I know this is anything but ipod but...

I know what my next mp3 player will be: the ipod touch update/upgrade thats probably gna be released this september. I am not a fanboy of anything, just a fan of tech, and it seems as if the ipod touch cant be...well touched. I think its the only apple product I've ever wanted to buy, as there is simply no better device out there for mp3, wifi, movies, youtube etc, and I have my fair share of tech gadgets (lg dare, ds and supercard, psp with custom firmware, zen, e280 rockbox, etc). My friend has a jailbroken one with the app store, and its just too good. It seems as though other mp3 manufacturers are just playing catch-up - opinions?
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I think it is catch-up at this point. Most other companies with video players have worked on making them better, better screens, SQ, user setable EQ. Apple seems to just throw the stuff out there because they know people will have to have it. I know 5 people with Iphones and they all love them, but only one uses it for music. The new Iphone V2 has been nothing but problems for the other two. I'd love to have the feature set of the Touch from a company that cares about their customers. Whats new about V2 just the 3g or is there more? But with the new touch gen2 you'll have to use Itunes, and deal with only 64k colors. $400+ for 2003 technology on the device. The feature set is the groundbreaking part, the device itself is a little weak.
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