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Old 09-09-2008, 11:43 AM
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Those will thump just fine. They're not the highest quality setup, but in the car where there is so much distortion and resonance anyway, I have never really advocated for spending money for quality sub/amp's. You can buy a better amp that will be more power efficient and drive your subs more cleanly, but you'd likely never notice the difference in your car anyway.

My advice: Buy this setup, it's cheap and it will work just fine. Make sure you have someone install it who knows what they're doing. Preferably using the Sub Pre-Out on your deck (You should have one if it's an after-market deck). If you're driving in a car, spend the extra money on getting your trunk Dyna-matted. Not only will it help with the stupid rattling that's usually associated with having 24" of Sub power in your trunk, but it will clean and focus the energy (surprisingly, it really does work). If you ever decide to upgrade your setup, you can keep the dyna-mat, and just swap your amp and the box.

As far as the speakers are concerned, you can probably just keep letting your head unit power them, Unless you really want a decent sound quality upgrade, in which case you should look at new 3-way speakers with independent 4 channel amplification.
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