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Originally Posted by fleudejeu View Post
I want to recover my password but i dont know how ? i forgot my password because i didn't use my P2 a long time, now i wanna use it ( cant resist my love for it xD ) so how to recover my password ? or.. do i have to format it ?

it says if i type the wrong password:
Nederlands: Wachtwoord bevestigen.Gebruik EmoDio om het wachtwoord te herstellen.

English: Password confirmation. Use EmoDio to reset the password.

How to with emodio !?
alright.. you need 2 register you device in emodio first... i'm assuming that you already have a username and password in emodio... if you dont' register yourself and make an account in emodio... then go to product registeration and register your p2... make sure its connected to your computer... after that you can reset your password...

i have never been able to register my P2 in emodia because when it asks me the colour of my P2, i can't select it because it never shows them..:-(.. i know some other people who have been facing a similar problem.. sooo emodio is useless for the people who can't register their P2.. useless in the sense as in, not being able to reset password and stuff...
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