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How about making this battle a bit more interesting, by comparing players similar in price. Let's have some price categories.

1) $50 or under-I guess the 2 gig Clip wins this. Not much more to discuss
2) Under $100 Perhaps the 8 gig Fuze can be included in this category for those who shop carefully. There are some other players that might be considered as well, although the others probably are under 8 gigs and don't have a card slot.
3) Under $150 A 4 gig D2 just barely makes it in here.

4) Under $200. This category includes many players. I guess the under $50, under $100, and under $200 categories are the most important. One could get a 4 gig D2 and a 16 gig class 6 SD card for $200 if they shop carefully.

5) Under $300. This category includes several 32 gig flash based players, and the Zune 80. Few mp3 player buyers are willing to pay over $300.
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