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Default Also looking for a podcast player (Sansa Express?)


The SE is looking somewhat attractive to me as my podcast player. I will likely also be getting into books... with the occasional tune playing no doubt. The features that I've read about and attract me to this player are:

- decent audio quality
- small, can be worn around the neck
- microSD slot as I will likely be loading new podcasts that way (though SD would be better, that is likely at odds with the smallness factor)
- can be thrown around and apparently take a bit of a beating

On the other hand, I've seen a few posts suggesting a silly problem with pausing and resuming. Is it still the case that pausing the track then powering down will lose your place in the track (as opposed to powering down while playing)? Has that been fixed with later f/w updates. Can anyone confirm?

That said, I've also been reading about the SE firmware saga involving the microSD slot. Have they still not resolved that mess? That would be a definite deal breaker for me.

I was also hoping a current SE owner could enlighten me on some other features I'm after from my player:
- ability to delete (or at least mark a podcast as complete in some way) directly on the player. What can I say? I listen to quite a few and would likely get confused and forget which I've already listened to between re-syncs

- Does it do bookmarks? And if so, does reloading a bookmark also continue the playlist or only the bookmarked track (and then stop)? This came up while I was considering the Zen... it apparently has this problem and can be rather annoying for audible books which are split on a per chapter basis with an appropriate playlist.

Actually, do players generally support multiple playlists? Guess I'm not all that clear on how they work with players in general.... been using a pocket PC until now. So say, you'd have a playlist for every album and again for a given audible book for example... sorry, rambling aren't I?

If the SE doesn't meet these requirements, I'd sure appreciate suggestions on another player to consider.

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Ok, so I came across a comment on the review page which says you can't delete tracks. Shame! But can any players (in this class) do this? I'm getting the feeling that not.
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I'm also interested in the express as a podcast player, so does anybody have an update on the questions raised above with the latest firmware, particularly with the pause and resume (after power off) of a track? it would really be painful to start over from the beginning of the recording after pausing or stopping it.

i'm also wary about all the problem with dead units and other bugs that i've read about; is that mostly resolved with the latest firmware?

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Collin, as far as I know, the newer firmware fixed the dead units. If it happens, there is a few fixes. I am not about your other questions.
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