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Default Is it me or does EmoDio doesn't want to respond?

I currently have Windows XP Home Edition Version 2002 and using Firefox to do my web browsing. I wanted to use EmoDio to download some UCIs to my P2. But the problem is that it won't let me do anything but surf the site. For example, I try to make a new account but it won't let me type in my ID or my e-mail. So I had a friend of mine make a account for me. So now I have an account I can actually use.. But the other problem is that now I can't seem to dowload any UCIs. Whenever I click the send to device icon, it doesn't respond and sits there like a dead man. I need some help. Is the something wrong with me browser or it EmoDio is messed up? Is there any other way to download UCIs?
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its pretty much the same when u try to register ur product to like register ur password 2 it ask u to chose a color and theres no colors to choose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so its basiclly useless i cant either send the ucis i could with the beta version but the so called 4th wave came along and its useless now and i think it haves more bugs then beta so yeah its pretty gay
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Use Internet explorer, firefox blocks popups( you need popups) and emodio's connection to the site to register doesn't work.
Use IE and go to
sign up there.
When you click on the ID box you get a popup fill out your ID in the popup, click "Check" and then click "Yes"
do the same for you email.
But DONT fill out what isn't needed (address and onwards)
Just fill ID, Password, Email and country then register.
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I think Samsung did an update...
When I try IE to register, it activates emodio via java. doenst work still.
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