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Default EX90 cable issue

I posted this elsewhere (HeadFi) but it may be of interest to some of you good people, too.

Sony EX90 - a warning. The fatal flaw?

I'm a big fan of the EX90, don't get me wrong.

Significantly better sound than the EX51/70/71/81 family, and with better quality leads.

Amazingly comfortable too, for me, and with a design that sticks and stays in my ear like nothing else does.

The way in which Sony have incorporated a bend in the design works so well in anchoring them in the ear, that I'd almost describe it as genius.

I have better-sounding, more expensive ear-gear but these are my day to day phones - especially for walking or running.


I was given a pair of EX90SPs, and within a few weeks had snagged them on something. A modest pull and they came apart at the Y joint. I was astonished - I'm a grown up and I take care of my kit, and I'd never broken a pair of earphones in my life.

I bought myself another pair of EX90SPs on the bay, and the exact same thing happened, equally quickly, after an even more gentle 'snag'. This time, I contacted Sony UK who told me to 'GFY', because they'd been bought in Hong Kong, and that my redress was therefore to be had via the retailer who'd sold them. They did so even though I'd identified myself as a journalist.

I subsequently bought a final set of EX90s - LPs this time, with the extension cord (and thus with another point of separation if snagged) and these, so far, are still going strong.

Cue much wood touching.

But looking at the point at which the main, left and right hand cables join I can see that the design is weak to the point of inadequacy, and despite my liking for these phones I'd hesitate before buying another set, or even from recommending them.

Does anyone know if the EX85s will have the same cable design, and indeed whether the LP versions of the 85 or 90 will be available in the UK at any time soon?
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