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Originally Posted by carpenter940 View Post
I noticed too that if you use the rockbox install program it has a tab where you can install themes. Unfortunately many of those themes are old and won't work with the new build.

Below I have links to two versions of a theme I did.
The first worked on the old build before viewports and the second is updated to the viewport build. Download them both and compare the WPS files to see what needed to be changed. The WPS is the ONLY file I needed to update, everything else can be left as is. Once you see what needs to be updated you can apply that to any of the other themes you like.

I would suggest you get your themes from HERE, HERE, or HERE. The last link probably being the most updated. Download them directly to your harddrive and edit them there then try them out in the simulator to save you a lot of time in testing. When it looks right just drag and drop to your player.
Yeah, I had found all those outlets for themes, but a surprising number of them had broke wps files. I actually decided to try kugel's build, and found that it was a lot better about having working wps files.

Now i am in the process of organizing my album art into a form that I can see in rockbox. I have been working on it for about 3 hours, and I am in the 'b's. Whew, this is gonna take a while.

Thanks again though for all the input. I'm sure you'll hear from me again.
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