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The problem is that SMS (and I'm assuming Emodio, but I haven't tried it yet) also install MarkAny ContentSafer along with it. ContentSafer is DRM middleware that is basically required for proper functioning of the download store in SMS (which is only available in Europe).

I noticed this particular piece of software because it was interfering with Winamp after I installed SMS originally. ContentSafer is EXTREMELY poorly written, and from what I can gather, does DLL hooks into pretty much anything that runs on the computer to make sure everything is "authorized". Best bet for removal is as follows:
  1. Create a restore point just in case something goes wrong
  2. Open Task Manager and kill off "MAAgent.exe"
  3. Run HijackThis, and it should find that as well, and have it fix it.
  4. Delete any references to MAAgent.exe from your system registry.
  5. There should be a folder in C:\Program Files called "MarkAny". Delete this folder.
  6. Reboot the computer. This should rid you of the software.
  7. Change your P2 over to UMS and don't deal with Emodio or SMS anymore, and use MediaCoder to convert your videos.
I'll be perfectly honest, when I discovered ContentSafer on my system, I was furious. Not only was there some DRM middleware installed without my knowledge or permission, it was for a feature that didn't even apply to me where I live. I was close to returning the device on that principle alone, but I found this site and how to make the P2 suit MY needs, rather than the whims of the RIAA and its European equivalent. Started out with the crappy BBY firmware and frustrating software. Ended up with the latest Korean firmware, more features, and a device that is MUCH more user friendly when it comes to managing the files on it.
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