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Default SDHC working on my SE

I updated my SE to 01.01.05A hoping that it would support larger than 2gb microSD which I already had. My earlier issues with SE not starting went away as I started using that 2gb Sandisk card. So after the new firmware update I bought a 4gb Sandisk SDHC card and straight away, without any formatting of the new card, I transferred my music files from internal 2gb memory and external 2gb memory to the new 4gb memory via the usb adapter which came included with the card. OS by-the-way is Windows XP. When I finally got to test the card I noticed that the files in the internal memory showed normally but the player indicated in the settings that there is a 4 gb card but it is empty which really contained almost a 4gb of music! So it didn't even update the database from the SD at start-up. Next thing was to format the card with SE. After that I plugged the card with the usb adapter to my PC but it stated that there is some kind of an error and it couldn't open it, not even format it in Windows. Still I was able to view and transfer files in and out from the card when using it via SE. Altough it still didn't work when trying to play the files in my SE.

So I came up with an masterplan! I put the microSDHC card to my Canon A590 digital camera with an microSD to SD adapter. I formatted the card using the menus of the camera. After that it worked properly in Windows as an usb mass storage device when using it via the usb adapter. Because of that I was now also able to format it in Windows. After formatting in Windows I transferred some test songs to the card via the card slot of SE, in other words the SE plugged in usb and the card plugged in SE. Then I put it in my SE and during the start up it did, for a pleasant surprise, start to build the database from the SD as it normally should do. The songs were all there for me to play them as they was in the old 2gb card too! The next day I transferred (via SE card slot) the test songs off from the card and filled it with my favourite tunes and it worked like a charm!

My conclusion:Update to 01.01.05A. Use, if possible, Sandisk microSDHC card. Just to be sure, others might still work also, but at least my Sandisk works now. First thing is to FORMAT the card in windows, then transfer your music or whatever to the new card using the SE.

I hope this will help someone out there!

And remember, if allmighty Windows is unable to read and/or format the card, you might still be able to format it in other devices as for example digital cameras which after you might also to be able to format it again in Windows.

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