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Go to CONTROL PANEL>>> SYSTEM>>> HARDWARE PROFILE and see if you can find your Zen Microhoto's hardware driver listed there. If nothing can be found, try to reinstall the driver. Then download the latest FIRMWARE at the Creative site and reload the firmware. Make sure you're not running Windows Media 11 on your computer. Firmware upgrade on Zen Microphoto doesn't work with Media Player 11. Roll back to Windows Media Player 10 and proceed upgrading your player's firmware.

I never heard on any firmware or system lock on the Zen Micro or the Zen Microphoto. I bet the only lock you can find in your player is the lock switch located above left to disable the touch pad.

Also try to enter the player's RECOVERY MODE: Press the Power/ Lock switch to the ON position while inserting the battery. You'll see the startup screen, then the player will go the the RECOVERY MODE. Try DISK CLEAN-UP then REBOOT. If still nothing works upon restart, remove the battery then enter the RECOVERY MODE. This time, FORMAT the player and then reboot. Do not RELOAD FIRMWARE just yet. It should be your last resort when everything fails

Good luck!

Just a way of note: the system for Zen Microphoto is not compatible with Windows. You can confirm this by inserting your ZMP's harddrive to the card reader. Explorer will say: "Drive not Formatted. Proceed with Format?"

The Zen Microphoto is not registered as an external removable USB Drive but a bulk player. You cannot even format the player using Windows Explorer.

In order to use the hard disk with the card reader, you must reformat it again using Windows. Once it is windows formatted, it wouldn't be read by Zen Microphoto. You must format it again inside the player to use it again with ZMP.

Zen Micro and Zen Microphoto isn't like the Zen Neeon where file formatting were the same with Windows. It is read as a removable drive, and the files saved in Zen Neeon is readable and could be edited using Windows Explorer.

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