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Old 07-28-2008, 07:17 PM
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Originally Posted by dfkt View Post
No, analog usually certainly doesn't sound better than PROPER digital. It's just when you have the best of the best in analog (Revox + Horns), it sounds really amazing. For example, vinyl usually sounds like ass - and I have 8000+ LP's and a Pro-Ject 1.5 turntable.
I disagree...but it's all in the ears of the listener.

If a (decent) turntable is set up properly (i.e. the right pick-up set at the right tracking force and the right azimuth ect...not an easy thing to do..through a good stylus and an above average R.I.A.A. equalized preamplifier) and a record that's in good shape, vinyl can..and often does..blow the sound quality of a CD away.

All I'm using is an old Pioneer direct drive with an old fashioned "s" arm and a Pickering DAT-2 pick-up (yes, I have both a mono and stereo stylus). It may be one of the better Pioneers and IMHO better than the standard Technics 1200, but it's not exactly high end, nor is the cartridge.
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Old 07-28-2008, 07:25 PM
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Nah, you're telling yourself it sounds "better" when it doesn't. As I said, I appreciate vinyl, and I have 8000+ LPs, but no way the sound quality of vinyl can come close to a proper digital setup. Vinyl has a resolution of approximately 12-14 bits, when all factors are more or less perfect (like my vinyl setup). It might sound "warm", but that's something that can be adjusted with EQs anytime for digital audio. The haptic approach of vinyl is great, and I am a DJ, so I can appreciate that - but vinyl sounding better than digital is a joke.

FWIW, I do some "dirty" things to make my digital setup sound more oldskool, like using a Woo Audio 6 headphone tube amp with my digital sources, which gives me the aura of having something glowy and shiny from yesteryear, but it still sounds tons better than some vinyl stuff. And yes, I use a $300 Goldring cartridge with my Pro-Ject turntable. I like it, but I'm not delusional. It does NOT sound better than a FLAC rip of a decent CD.

And I hate the crackle and pops of vinyl, it's not "ambience" as I tried to tell myself for many years - it's just obnoxious.
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Old 07-28-2008, 08:39 PM
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The vast majority of the stuff I listen to was mixed and mastered long before digital was even thought about. It was produced with the LP in mind as well as the restrictions of such..that's how it's supposed to sound.

If you take that same recording and dub it off to a digital format it just doesn't sound the same. If it's been so called "digitally remastered" it's been altered to sound (supposedly) as good as possible, but is often far from the original source as it's been processed. On paper that may look good, but in my eyes (or is it ears) that's far from faithful sound reproduction.

Oft times I find digital is missing something...I can't quite put my finger on what it is, but it's defiantly something. As a result I too own thousands of LPs, but only about a shoe box full of CDs. I just don't like them...however..

I have run digital though my old Fisher 800-C tube receiver (12AU7 & 12AX7 preamps and 7591A outputs) and did notice a HUGE difference.
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Old 07-28-2008, 08:41 PM
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Hmmm, I think it's time to start a new thread title.
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