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Default altec lansing im5

so, i bought one o' these for my gf to use with her ipod. decided to forego batteries & hook it up with the included ac adapter. connected ipod, powered up im5, commenced playing mp3's...bitter disappointment! had read sooo many positive reviews, just couldn't believe these speakers were so wimpy! ipod's battery was fully charged, it still sounded ok with her earbuds. i didn't expect the im5 bass to stun baby seals @ 50 yds, but thought it would at least be kinda punchy. had to crank the volume atw for anything even approaching a satisfying aural experience. then, i had an idea. the unit includes a short stereo cable for attaching "other" audio devices, so i connected my sansa e250 and voila...much mo' bettah! good crisp voicing & fairly tight resolution at half the volume used with the ipod. conclusion? either the 'pod is messed up, or the sansa delivers a superior signal. and, oh yeah, we tried the cable with the 'pod & results were allee samee. anyone else had a similar experience?
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I scored the iM510 version (for Sansa e200 or e200) for close to nothing and wasn't expecting much at all....especially after I saw it first hand. Here's this little puny box (that I can literally wrap my hand around) with little bitty teeny tiny speakers . It seemed to look so much bigger in the picture. says Altec on it, but this thing's gotta be junk, right? Surprisingly enough...nope. It's nothing short of amazing.

I was damn near shocked by it's performance.

I really dig it. No it's not a real boombox...not even close, nor does it put off much volume, but it sounds pretty good...excellent for it's size.

How they got that kinda sound out of four speakers that're smaller than any tweeter I've ever seen is really unbelievable.
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