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Originally Posted by FrododorF View Post
Browse albums via album art? no

Create playlists? yes

Randomly play tracks by artist or just play tracks randomly? yes and yes

Have hidden or password protected content? i don't think so...
I haven't tried playlists before but from what I hear the playlist support on the D2 is pretty lame. All I know is I can't use them because I have 3.57 for the Flashskins, which I love!

And I know firsthand that the D2's shuffle is lame. I decided to shuffle a 12 song album and it played the song I was on (ok), then went and played 3 songs randomly (cool), then played the first song again , and then just stopped. Even the Sansa Clip has a better shuffle feature!

Oh and TC: Did you have some Zens break on you?


"Have hidden or password protected content?"

No you can't hide your porn! :P I enjoyed that feature about the Zen!
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