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Originally Posted by Jamesmoo2090 View Post
I was wondering if there is a way to replace the e200 rhapsody (e200r) firmware with a normal e200 firmware (e200), effectively converting the player to a normal e200
Format your player and manually load firmware (w/o R). The players are all the same; the only difference in the Rhapsody models is the firmware version.

If you have a v1 player, look for 01.02.18 ('a' if in America)firmware release. There's a newer vers. (01.02.24) but it's a little buggy. Vers .18 works fine. Type the version number into the search box. You might find a copy of it here somewhere. If not, you can Google it.

If you're running a v2 player, the latest release (while not perfect) is very stable. It is vers. 03.01.16. Note: you can't put Rockbox on v2 units, only v1's.

Whichever f/m version you end up downloading, remember they will be in a .zip file so you have to extract them before you can install them on your player. Save the .zip file somewhere on your computer, so you'll have in the future if you need it. That way you won't have to go around looking for it.
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