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Originally Posted by SeaHag View Post some of the others here, I debated and delayed 'RockBoxing' my e260 for over a year now. I wasn't sure I could do it without screwing something up and my player has been working...albeit with the same slow response time and low features everyone complains about. This thread convinced me to give it a shot and this morning I used the rockbox utility program linked to in another thread....which made it oh so easy, even for a 36y.o. guy who has only basic computer skills.

Here's what I'm really digging so far:
1. A working EQ that doesn't cut out one channel and was able to perfectly dial in my sound
2. MUCH, MUCH faster access times!! I was expecting it, but not THIS fast.
3. more intuitive and user friendly navigation
4. better randomizing...I haven't heard the same song twice yet [though its only been one day...its still unusual for my player]
5. Video GAMES like the Ipods have
6. Large variety of themes that are super easy to install with the utility tool
7. Increased support of Micro SDHC cards....gonna order an 8gb soon.

I'm sure there is much more, but I just started learning.

Now I need to learn how to redo my there a playlist editor where I can drag and drop files? I got my other one for the OF here somewhere.

One Negative: Not playing from both drives...are they working on that fix? If not, my plan is to buy the 8gb card and transfer all music to it, and save the main drive for photos/video...which I've never had room for before.
I believe it will work from both drives, if you create a playlist from the sansa player. I could be wrong.
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