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Default Getting a D2 16GB -What Extras to Get?

Thanks to this site I have decided to get a D2. Man that was a hard decision to make but I think it is the best one at this time. The main reason that I am going with the D2 over other quality MP3 players is its use of expandable memory.

Now I have a few questions about extras.

Javoskin Kit Anyone use this?

An FM transmitter
A 16 GB card - for now
extra screen protectors?

The Noreve looks nice, but I will want to take this on runs...ok lumbering walks...too.

Am I missing anything?

Do most of you use the drag and drop method of placing tunes on your D2?
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I use a Dealextreme screen protector (less than $2 shipped), and while I don't abuse my D2, it has accidentally come in contact with some absurdly sharp kitchen knives. (I once cut my hand in 3 places without noticing, and they started bleeding four friggin hours later! Seriously sharp knives.) Shaved a little plastic off the back... and you know what? You would never know, unless you used a magnifying glass. The matte plastic is immortal to scratches... not the screen though. Screen Protectors are usually quite durable in contrast, though.

Get a protector, and a case if you want to use it armband-style.

I drag & drop, but browse by tags... mostly.

I would consider getting a 32gb SDHC card if you think you might upgrade later, IIRC they are down to about $100 on Newegg, which is about twice as much as 16gb cards. I doubt the 32gb cards will keep getting cheaper so quickly once they hit $70 to $80, so thats a really hot deal. Anything can happen, however.
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Thanks for suggesting Dealextreme screen protector. I checked out their website and they have 317 different protectors available! None of them specify that they are for the D2. Which one do I need?
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here's a list of excessories in a thread by the CptnO:
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Generally all screen protectors are about the same and fit all players it's only the size that differs; if you happen to get a protector that is too big you can easily cut it down
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I just got my JAVOEdge kit in and i have to say its pretty amazing.
I've used screen protectors before and you can always tell they are on and eventually I hate them enough and tear them off. But this JAVOEdge Ultraclear is pretty awesome (to much TMNT lately) It fits perfectly, so much so that you have to get it perfect or it doesn't fit right in the screen. And once it's on you would never know you had a screen protector on its that clear and when on its beautiful. If your going to use it in the sun it suggest the Anti-glare as it comes with a warning that looking at the reflection of the sun is dangerous. The screen comes with a applicator card and cleaning cloth, as well as good (no pictures) instructions.

The Cover/Armband combo. Now I've only had my D2 for a week but i had an X5 an that guy was pretty beastly. So I'm sure that this will had um well too. However there are times you know you are going to be in less friendly places (camping, biking, amuzement park, etc.) and also I work out, so it comes it quite handy. Otherwise just get the screen protectors (which are supposed to be washable/re-appliable). As far as the quality, this thing is thick, or at least you think it is. II thought it was thicker than the belkin for my T9 (which is currently tore at both where you put it in and the armband). However it just seems that way, it really is sturdier stuff because it is the same (as far as I can tell without a micrometer). Whatever extra material they seem to be using looks like it'll put up with a whole hell of a lot more. As far as once you get it in there you would never have to take it out. It has cutouts for everthing on the D2 (including the usb ports and the stylus hookup). It does goes all the way to the screen quite perfectly. The surface is also quite nice its smooth (almost oily) and seems adept at dispelling dust.
The armband is also quite nice. The soft bit of the velco is whats facing outwards so you, your d2 and other ppl don't get scratched. Its made out of neoprene so its quite soft with a little bit of stretch.

I got a 16GB card for now since I can't get a 32GB card shipped to me (I'm in Germany in the Air Force) it'll be my Video card once i upgrade.

I use the 3.xx firmware cause I love UMS, also flash skins and a dictionary are neat.

As far as FM transmitters haven't used one since I was a teen (very very long ago) and they still had antennae. I've installed 1/8" into my cars since I've owned them (and CD's died). Lately its just cheaper/easier to install an amp and wire it right to the mp3 player no need for anything else. You can get a good amp on clearance for less than a decent headunit and it'll have more power (too little blows speakers not too much)
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Can you link to the exact item/listing you purchased?
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I would opt out on the FM transmitter and spend the most on great earphones

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Basically they aren't listed under electronics if your searching for JAVOedge just search under all of amazon, or you could go to JAVOedge directly too.
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