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Default My D2 3 Day Review

First, thanks to everyone at anythingbutipod and the forum members that helped me make my pmp choice.

D2 purchased from newegg for $209.
It came with 2.57 firmware.

  • Perfect size for me.
  • Solid feel
  • I am not even close to an audiophile, but this sounds great. The sound is much better than my old ipod.
  • video is small but watchable.
  • So much storage
  • I love that I can use it as a storage device
  • I find the os to be responsive and quick to boot.
  • Battery still showing near full after several hours of use
  • BOOKS! from the library and audible without a problem
  • radio and radio recording is great

  • There is a learning curve to using this after comming from the IPOD.
  • Several clicks needed to do simple thingss.
  • What is up with the extra silver bar on the end...could have used the added space to screen size
  • Screen needs to be a bit bigger and widescreen format
  • They gave us text view...would love a pdf, and ms viewer
  • Books from my library, Overdrive, require that I put the player into mpt for transfer.

In the end I wanted lots of storage in a flash format. This the D2 offers in spades. If you want a video device I would look for something bigger. This is a perfect take with you anywhere, do just about everything device that has great sound. I can't see how you can do better than the D2 right now unless you must have bluetooth.

Now I am ripping my CD's and learning how to rip my DVDs.
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There are .pdf to .txt converters available, .pdf's really wouldn't work well on any portable device the size of the D2.

You get used to the UI pretty fast. As far as needing to touch the screen several times to do simple things, it all depends on how you want to do it. I setup the MENU and VOLUME buttons to pause/play and next/last track respectively while on HOLD.

I believe part of the internal circuitboard extends into the silver piece. I actually like the form factor.

For a player this size, the screen is fantastic-- but I agree, a smaller border/wider screen might be nice.

The D2 is a great player, congradulations on your purchase!
The above is opinionated and as such, incredibly biased. Taking any of the above as fact is punishable to the full extent of the law, up to and including death.

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