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Default Sansa Clip 4GB Memory Capacity Discrepancy?

Hey gang, pardon a question from a newbie. I just got a 4GB Clip (woo hoo!) and drag-dropped a music collection on it. The music folder on the clip says it has 1.32 GB of music. I've stored nothing else on it and have updated to the newest firmware. There are a few small files in the root directory.

On Windows Explorer it says I have used 2.47GB and have 1.33GB free.

My question:

What happened to the rest of the memory capacity? It's off by about 1.15GB. Given that I have 1.32GB of music and a few small files, and am showing 1.33GB free, is there an error somewhere that shows my used space as free space?

Anyone else have this problem?

BTW, my Clip System Info page shows Memory of 3901MB and 1370MB as Free.
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This might be an MTP vs. MSC issue. Files loaded onto the Clip with one transfer protocol are invisible for the other one. Connect to your computer with the other transfer option and delete the files - or simply format your player from the options menu and reload all tracks again. Then stick with one transfer protocol - preferably MSC.
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Thanks! It worked! I wondered why the folders looked a little different. I had two separate collections with the same music (mostly).
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